Mr. Ramirez created this Online ESL Classroom because he sees the desire his students have to learn English. He learned English as a Second Language himself over 30 years ago. Back then he didn’t have the technology at hand to make the learning process fast and easy. However, today we have incredible tools that make learning much easier and faster than in time past.
People say that learning English is difficult because they don’t understand how learning takes place. The easiest way to learn English is by doing what you did when you learned your first language. Listen, Repeat and Read!
Every student must remember that to learn a language you have to practice. In this website, you will find exercises that focus on different aspects of the learning process. Please try to understand how a language is learned and how you learned your first language. The Natural Process is the fastest and easiest way to learn. Just practice the same way as when you learned to speak. You will learn English fast and easy.
Learning English is Easy
When You Follow These Simple Steps!
— Listen to English everyday as much as you can.
— Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you hear.
— Repeat many times what you hear. Your speech needs to sound natural.
— The sounds MUST be in your mind and practiced with your mouth.
— Read out loud as much as you can. Powerful Strategy!
— Listen and Repeat out loud our stories. Read easy books.
— Practice the Lessons in this website. Incredible Results!
I am very excited you want to learn English!
Mr. Ramirez

Learning English Naturally! Every child spends the first part of life just listening. The mind is very powerful. It records more than what people think. Children do not know most of what they hear. They enjoy listening and repeating new sounds.

Children Learn By Repeating! When a child is learning their first language, they just listen and repeat what they hear. Most of the time they don't understand what they hear, nor do they know the meaning of words or sounds. They just repeat, ask and repeat. By age 2, they speak their native language very fluently.

Reading out loud is very powerful. It accelerates the development of listening, oral communication, and comprehension skills. Adults need to read out loud to practice making and differentiating new sounds.